Who owns the rights to Leave it to Beaver?

The rights to Leave it to Beaver are owned by Shout! Factory but is still under license by Universal. The show ran for six seasons from October 4, 1957 to June 20, 1963.

Which company owns the rights to php?

The company that owns the engine behind PHP is called Zend. Find them at Zend.com The language itself is controlled by the PHP Language Group. Licensing fun over at the PHP  

Who owns the registered trademark for Ethernet?

Ethernet was a trademark of Xerox Corporation, which relinquished the trademark when it was standardized by IEEE as IEEE 802.3. As it is no longer a trademark, Ethernet no
Who owns the rights to The Music Man? 
I heard from Monique Vermont that the Music man was purchased by HBO. Not sure how long ago. I am a friend of Monique Vermont who will be appearing in an interview on Christ…mas Morning at 6am (12/25/2010) on WSKY -4 in Hampton Roads. Maybe she will give us some more information on this subject during the interview. 

Can a women be a duchess in her own right?

There were a number of women who held titles in their own rights. Eleanor of Aquitaine and Empress Matilda were duchesses of Aquitaine and Normandy respectively, and had highe

Who owns the rights to the Power Rangers?

Replace my wireless router do you have to delete the old one first?

What was the first registered domain name?

What was the first registered domain name?

according to idomain.com the 1st 10 registered domain names were... Symbolics.com15 Mar 85 (holds distinction for being first ever registered name) BBN.COM BBN CORPORATION

Can you get the rights to a registered domain if you own the tradename?

Tradenames are not in the same legal class as Trademarks or Copyrights, and as such do not hold the same legal weight. For example, you can have companies with the same tradename in different states, each having their own legal protections.

Trademarks afford more stringent legal protection, and as such if you own a trademark and the domain registrant is using the name you may have legal recourse. However, for all but major brands/trademarks, such legal recourse is expensive and not always successful. If the domain registrant can show that they have a legal reason for using the domain name (they own a tradename in their state, or they own an incorporated business with a similar name, etc.) then trademark protection involving a domain name may not apply. Also, tradenames and trademarks only afford legal protections in the country of origin or in those countries where it's registered. If the domain holder's site is based in another country, you have no recourse.
Trademark protection for domains are generally only successfully challenged by corporations or people who have international trademark and copyright protections. Examples are actors (whose names and images are copyrighted) and major international corporations like Sony, Coca-Cola, etc., who have established their trademarks in most countries on the planet.

You can always make a bid for any particular domain on the Registrar's site where the domain is being maintained. For cyber-squatters (less common today than they were 10 years ago since laws have changed) it's easier to come up with a minor variation on the name rather than go through the legal hassle and expense of giving them what they want. Many major corporations with major trademarks do this on a regular basis.

Also, you can add your name to a domain watch list on most Registrar sites, which will notify you when a domain becomes available or is placed for sale.

Having been in the web hosting and design business for 13 years now, I can tell you though that domain names aren't necessarily your biggest asset. While your tradename/trademark is a big asset, site traffic is largely driven by traditional advertising or paid Search Engine ads. "Register it and they will come" is a fantasy - follow that and you'll join the many thousands of hopefuls who failed to realize that like any business, a website requires that people know about it, and to know you need to tell them - business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. No modern business with a web presence today distributes any company material that doesn't have their web address on it. Even in TV and print ads, domains are always displayed.

The "Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act" deals with domains and registered tradenames/trademarks. The law basically makes it harder for someone or some group to perform what is known as "cyber squatting." Basically it gives companies and individuals an ability to fight a "cyber squatter" in court. The unfortunate fact is that to defend this case, you most likely will have to hire an attorney to represent you in the court that has jurisdiction over the case matter.

Another problem that often arises is that ownership of tradenames is different from trademarks, and both of these may be of only local or federal significance. The Internet is global, and it would be difficult to enforce a local tradename in a remote region where the company does not do any business. In other words, just because you own a trademark or tradename in the U.S.A. does not give you any particular right to stop others from using the identical mark or name elsewhere, or from registering it as a bona fide domain name on the internet. 

Can you explain in detail what natural calamities are?

Natural Calamities   Natural calamities are the calamities which are inflicted by God, or Nature, on man and his world. At these calamities, the unseen hand wreaks havoc i

What is FDDI Explain in detail?

Fiber distributed data interface (FDDI), which is an optical data communication standard used for long distance networks provides communication with fiber optic lines up to 20

Explain in detail the Hardware required for effective graphics on the computer system?

GRAPHICS HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY Computers have been getting progressively more inexpensive and it has become household article in these days. In early days the high cost of the

Which cable connects switch to router?

A straight through cable, when connecting a router to another router, you would use a cross link cable. If interconnecting 2 switches, unless they are rather old, you would us

What type of cable should you use to connect a switch to another router?

Most switches and routers these days allow for a standard straight through cable to connect each other. (So any CAT 5e or 6 cable you find at Best Buy will be fine) Older de

What is Web Server hardware?

The Hardware of a web server will be the same as any other server Processors Memory (RAM) Hard Drives Power Supplies Network Card(s) the server will be set up with IIS - Int

What is DFD explain in detail?

What is FDDI Explain in detail?

How do you connect systems in a network switch?

connect modem to the E0 port. then connect ethernet cables from various ports to systems.

How can you connect one printer with two computers without using a switch or router?

If it uses either a parallel or serial port, then you could by a "T - Switch".  Additional optionYou can network 2 computers together (direct connection), and just use

Explain in detail about the building blocks of client server system?

The client server building blocks The Client Building Block Runs the client side of the application It runs on the OS that provides a GUI or an OOUI and that can acce

After connecting the Ethernet cable to the modem what do you do next?

cable modems router review composite video cable picture cables and chips fulton street igus cable modems chain cable modems attenuation calculator cable modems incr

How do you connect a USB modem to a router?

This is beyond my limits of knowledge. I use computers but have no real interest on how they work. All this technical guff about connecting this and connecting that, just seem

Where can one purchase a Gigabit Ethernet cable?

 There are several retailers that sell Gigabit ethernet cables, including Office Max, Office Depot, Newegg, and Amazon. These products can also be purchased at select discount

Can you connect a router into a network that uses a switch?

The answer is yes. If you need more information, please be more specific on what it is you're trying to do.

Yes. Generally you plug your internet connection into the router, then an ethernet wire from the router to the switch. More than likely, depending on what set-up you previously had, your going to have to change your tcp/ip settings. I could probably guess what set-up you have... but you'll have to be more specific before we can give more advice.

Can you connect four switches to one Router?

Yes. Just connect one switch strait into the router. Then hook the other three switches into the first switch. 

How to connect one computer to two printers by USB cables?

 To connect one computer to two printers by USB cables would require the use of a USB Hub. It may be wise to purchase a Hub with 6 or more ports. The Hub wi

Can you run 2 routers off of a single cable modem by connecting them with ethernet cables?

  You might be better off setting one router to broadcast and one to retrieve. 

How do you connect two desktops to one DSL modem?

You need to connect your modem to a ROUTER, and then connect both desktops to the router, instead of connecting one desktop directly to the modem. You can connect the 2 desk

Do cable modems have 2 Ethernet ports?

as far as i know, no they dont. but a cheap/common router is the lynksys wrt54g/gs and they will allow you to add up to 4 wired computers, plus wireless computers. they

How can you connect two computers to one printer?

Connect the primary, or first, computer to the printer. This is done traditionally with a printer cable linking the primary computer to the printer. If this is the first t

Can a single cable modem that has one outlet for USB and one for Ethernet be connected to two computers?

No you will have to use one or the other. In order to use more devices you will have to install a router to your modem.
It depends on the modem, some will let you use both ports simultaneously, while others won't. If you do have a modem that will run both, your ISP (cable/dsl company) will usually charge you a fee between $3.00 to $10.00 for accessing more then one dynamic/static IP, one for each port on the modem. So again your best bet is to get a router.
Connect one to the the Net then use windows internet sharing system ISS to share the link betwen the two systems. Use a wireless 802.3 connection or a second NIC on the ISS system to the cable modem and then connect the USB computer and "bridge" or ISS the two sub nets together witout a router!

Yes, I try this on my server & client PC's is this possible.when we connect one modem on two PC at same time it work, but when we connect two interface at one PC of separated two lan how can configure that?
It is possible to use two default getway on single PC? 

Where does a collision domain exist in a switched network?

In a LAN packet-switched environment, such as with an Ethernet network, the transmission of the data packets relies on packet switches, routers, and LAN cables. In a LAN

What is collision domain and broadcast domain?

Collision domain, first what is a collision: Maybe the question you have is, what is the difference between a layer 2 and layer 3 broadcast. Collisions are considered part o

How many broadcast and collision domain are on a hub?

A hub contains a single collision domain and a single broadcast domain, regardless of the number of ports on the hub.

Is bridge a collision domain?

A bridge typically creates separate collision domains within the same broadcast domain. If you take a bridge with 2 ports, each port connects to a LAN segment that is in its

What breaks up collision domains and broadcast domains?

What network device segments a Lan into a broadcast domain?

Switch Description: Network Switch a device that seperates the Broadcast domain of a LAN segment from other segments.

What is meant by single broadcast domain and single collision domain?

A collision domain is a section of a network where data packets can collide with one another when being sent on a shared medium or through repeaters, in particular, when using

How does the HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld PC connect to the internet?

The HP IPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld PC connects to the Internet via   inbuilt WiFi. Simply activate the WiFi option in the settings menu   and you will be able to connect to t…he Internet anywhere there is a   WiFi signal within reach. 

Identify and describe the medium and ports while connecting PC to PC?

Ethernet /ˈiːθərnɛt/ is a family of computer networking technologies for local area networks (LANs) commercially introduced in 1980. Standardized in IEEE 802.3, Ethernet …has largely replaced competing wired LAN technologies. Systems communicating over Ethernet divide a stream of data into individual packets called frames. Each frame contains source and destination addresses and error-checking data so that damaged data can be detected and re-transmitted. The standards define several wiring and signaling variants. The original 10BASE5 Ethernet used coaxial cable as a shared medium. Later the coaxial cables were replaced by twisted pair and fiber optic links in conjunction with hubs or switches. Data rates were periodically increased from the original 10 megabits per second, to 100 gigabits per second. Since its commercial release, Ethernet has retained a good degree of compatibility. Features such as the 48-bit MAC address and Ethernet frame format have influenced other networking protocols. 

How many PC can be connected to 4 mbps?

How many PC can be connected to 4 mbps?

Any number.      Most home internet services only support provision of one internet address (IP address), so a router is needed to share the IP address among all the comp…uters.      Whether 4 mbps is sufficient for your needs is another question, but if users of each computer are just doing basic internet browsing, a large number of computers could browse the internet quickly all at once. However, any one user could use up most of the bandwidth if they were downloading a large file or streaming HD video, slowing everyone else down. If multiple users want to do heavy bandwidth usage at once, they will each be slowed down, as well as everyone else. 

Can you connect your Motorola w220 phone to PC?
   Im 99.9% sure that it cant be. I was looking at this phone and also wanted to know if it was possible, I dont think it is. It doenst use a mini USB, it uses more like a …headphone jack looking port. Motorola doesnt have a cable like that on their website. 

How do you connect a PC to a laptop to view the PC files?

1. Get an ethernet called a "crossover cable."
2. Connect the ethernet jack of the PC to the jack on the laptop. 
3. Right click on the folder you want to view on the PC an…d select "sharing". Enable sharing.
4. Browse your local network from the laptop. Navigate to that folder. Note, you may have to fiddle with the network settings before they "see' each other. 

How can you connect one printer with two computers without using a switch or router?

If it uses either a parallel or serial port, then you could by a "T - Switch".      Additional optionYou can network 2 computers together (direct connection), and just use …File & Print sharing. Make sure you use a "cross-over" cable to connect the two PCs, or use wireless networking.

Connected two printers to one computer and when trying to print an error message says printer is not connected any idea what could be wrong?

Your computer will choose a default printer if you do not choose one for it. Check that the printer info was installed properly and that you can print a test page using right… click, properties on the printer icon of choice. If you can manually print a test page then both printers were installed properly. If one does not print then you know who the culprit is. You will have to maunally choose or change the default printer depending on which one you want to print to.          Make sure the printer driver is installed on both computers. 

Everything is OK but your PC is not connecting to internet and firewalls are off why?

If the internet connection isn't working then everything is NOT OK. Provide more details in order to get an answer.          Chances are that it's spyware. Try running a… few different programs that will remove spyware from your computer. If this doesn't work, then try contacting your internet service provider, and make them aware of the situation. Often, they will help you with connection issues, and solve the problem, or at least pinpoint or narrow it down. Also, check to make sure that all the appropriate lines are plugged in (phone line, cable line etc.), then check to make sure that they actually work. If it still doesn't connect, then try repairing your WINSOCK file. Do a google search for "repain winsock file" and find a site that has the program to do so. You'll have to use a different computer to connect to the internet (obviously ;) ). 

What is the tamagotchi logout no to connect a PC?

To connect on a pc for a v5 tamagotchi, you have to click the heart in the left top corner. Click pc and ut will display a log in code. On your computer (without doing anythin…g to the tamagotchi), go to tamagotchi town and click the version 5 tamagotchi (familitchi). Pick a place on the computer (let's do gotchi amusment park). Click the gotchi amusement park and wait for it to load. On your computer, it comes up with a couple of games. Click one of them. It then says that you need a login code. Look at your tamagotchi and it displays a login code. Type that code into the computer and click login. Play the game. When you finish the game on the computer, it has a button that says logout. Click that button. On the computer, a code is displayed. On your tamagotchi, click the middle button. It comes up with logout code. Type the code from the computer into the tamagotchi and click the middle button. Your tamagotchi will fall from the sky with a bag of gotchi! On the computer, click the ok button. To do it again, just do this again! Hope this helped.