Who owns the rights to Leave it to Beaver?

The rights to Leave it to Beaver are owned by Shout! Factory but is still under license by Universal. The show ran for six seasons from October 4, 1957 to June 20, 1963.

Which company owns the rights to php?

The company that owns the engine behind PHP is called Zend. Find them at Zend.com The language itself is controlled by the PHP Language Group. Licensing fun over at the PHP  

Who owns the registered trademark for Ethernet?

Ethernet was a trademark of Xerox Corporation, which relinquished the trademark when it was standardized by IEEE as IEEE 802.3. As it is no longer a trademark, Ethernet no
Who owns the rights to The Music Man? 
I heard from Monique Vermont that the Music man was purchased by HBO. Not sure how long ago. I am a friend of Monique Vermont who will be appearing in an interview on Christ…mas Morning at 6am (12/25/2010) on WSKY -4 in Hampton Roads. Maybe she will give us some more information on this subject during the interview.