How can you connect one printer with two computers without using a switch or router?

If it uses either a parallel or serial port, then you could by a "T - Switch".      Additional optionYou can network 2 computers together (direct connection), and just use …File & Print sharing. Make sure you use a "cross-over" cable to connect the two PCs, or use wireless networking.

Connected two printers to one computer and when trying to print an error message says printer is not connected any idea what could be wrong?

Your computer will choose a default printer if you do not choose one for it. Check that the printer info was installed properly and that you can print a test page using right… click, properties on the printer icon of choice. If you can manually print a test page then both printers were installed properly. If one does not print then you know who the culprit is. You will have to maunally choose or change the default printer depending on which one you want to print to.          Make sure the printer driver is installed on both computers. 

Everything is OK but your PC is not connecting to internet and firewalls are off why?

If the internet connection isn't working then everything is NOT OK. Provide more details in order to get an answer.          Chances are that it's spyware. Try running a… few different programs that will remove spyware from your computer. If this doesn't work, then try contacting your internet service provider, and make them aware of the situation. Often, they will help you with connection issues, and solve the problem, or at least pinpoint or narrow it down. Also, check to make sure that all the appropriate lines are plugged in (phone line, cable line etc.), then check to make sure that they actually work. If it still doesn't connect, then try repairing your WINSOCK file. Do a google search for "repain winsock file" and find a site that has the program to do so. You'll have to use a different computer to connect to the internet (obviously ;) ). 

What is the tamagotchi logout no to connect a PC?

To connect on a pc for a v5 tamagotchi, you have to click the heart in the left top corner. Click pc and ut will display a log in code. On your computer (without doing anythin…g to the tamagotchi), go to tamagotchi town and click the version 5 tamagotchi (familitchi). Pick a place on the computer (let's do gotchi amusment park). Click the gotchi amusement park and wait for it to load. On your computer, it comes up with a couple of games. Click one of them. It then says that you need a login code. Look at your tamagotchi and it displays a login code. Type that code into the computer and click login. Play the game. When you finish the game on the computer, it has a button that says logout. Click that button. On the computer, a code is displayed. On your tamagotchi, click the middle button. It comes up with logout code. Type the code from the computer into the tamagotchi and click the middle button. Your tamagotchi will fall from the sky with a bag of gotchi! On the computer, click the ok button. To do it again, just do this again! Hope this helped.