Microsoft Excel Alternative Softwares Reviews And Advantages

Microsoft Excel Alternative Softwares

1. Google Spread sheets

     Google Docs is a member of the family. In internet connection with this, to let and get the new spread sheet. Excel work sheet already prepared, upload, and share it with others. Edited there and takes it. You can install on  your computer. For this you need a good Internet connection and browser. To access it / visit in the address.

2. SoHo sheets :

     This is more than enough similar google docs. Internet connection is available for free.  can Create,Work sheets and share with others, At the same time more than one function at a work sheet allows SoHo. To access it, go to the address

3. Editable grid :

     Also known as an online service spread sheet. It has all the features of Excel work sheet. Share with everyone, and editing are also available.Why in some cases surpasses the nature of the Excel package. To access it you need to go to the names

4. Num Sum :

     online, simple, spreadsheet, it is possible to share with others.You can create the social spread sheets. The address of the site you need to get this feature

5. Simple spreadsheet :

       Java Script, HTML, C. S.. S.. And php Written on the Internet is based on a spreadsheet program running. formulas, maps, numeric Format, keyboards, and navigation features are listed. The Data Form is written in Java Script.To obtain this free software package / Spreadsheet / Home to the address.

6. WikiCalc :

     Work sheet on which all together make the calculation.This can create web sites. Create, edit, make all of the spread sheet. Http:// can address this.

7. Zcubes Calci :

       CALCI A Calculation Engine is available on the Internet.Has all the features of a spread sheet. Application software more useful than other things, this program has with him.More than a thousand statistical computing, science and finance-related, has ready made templates. it run an internet connection. Only files on your computer can register.Some spread sheets on top of the desk are available to us for free.

Some spread sheets are available to us for free. I will summarize them here.

Open Office Calc
Data Pilot
IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets